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At Rainier Tent, we are always finding new ways to provide our customers with the absolute cutting-edge tent tech. Our team creates tents and fabric structures of any size and shape. We have designed, engineered, and fabricated structures for clients in a wide range of industries for over 125 years.

In addition to our full range of tenting products, our team can install and take down turn-key tents with all the accessories and features your structure requires. Superior fabrics are carefully selected, and industry-proven. Heavy-duty reinforcements are generously used to ensure long-lasting tops.

We know tents, since 1896. Rainier Tent, arguably one of the most innovative manufacturers of tents, enclosures, and semi-permanent structures, recently celebrated 125 years in the tent industry. At Rainier Tent, we are proud of our rich legacy of serving our customers. We realize it takes more than a long history to be successful; we must keep pace with the changing market, maintain the highest standard of quality, and supply the finest products available. Today’s customer demands competitive prices as well as prompt and efficient service. These business practices are our common denominator and ensure your satisfaction.

Rainier Tent from 1896-1916

1896 - 1916

In 1896, Rainier was established by Henry Carstens, under the name Puget Sound Tent & Duck. The company was located on the Seattle waterfront and sold tents and camping equipment to goldminers heading north to Alaska for the Gold Rush.

Rainier Tent from 1917-1962

1917 - 1962

In 1917, George Schaffer bought Rainier as Puget Sound Tent & Duck after World War I. He sold tents to the military during World War II.

Rainier Tent from 1963-1983

1963 - 1983

In 1962, Bob Campbell and Al Cox bought Puget Sound Tent & Duck. The name was changed to Puget Sound Tent & Awning.

Rainier Tent from 1984-2021

1984 - 2021

In 1983, Scott purchased the company from Bob Campbell and became the fourth owner. The company name was changed to Rainier Industries in 1992.

Rainier Tent partners with LFM Capital

2021 - Present

In 2021, Rainier announces its partnership with Nashville-based investment firm LFM Capital. LFM is a private equity firm focused on U.S.-based manufacturing companies. Rainier and LFM have a shared interest in fostering a culture of continuous improvement and operational excellence. 

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