A User's Guide to Business Opportunities

This User's Guide provides more information on opportunities that may present themselves as summer arrives. Spacious and outdoor seating options are recommended for small businesses, hospitals, clinics, and employers. Gain great ideas on how to make your business work in a time when the attention to employee and client health is at an all-time high.

Restaurants and Bars 

As the country opens up and people emerge from their homes – one of the first anticipated experiences will be to visit their favorite local restaurant or bar. It will be difficult for many establishments to shoulder the cost of opening and remaining open with social distancing guidelines and capacity reductions. Rainier’s highly configurable tenting line can help the restaurant or bar owner in many ways:

Full Strength Tent
  • If the restaurant has parking areas – they can easily convert part of that parking space to seating space. Setting up a tent (with or without a connecting tent) would be like adding another dining room.

  • Patio dining is great but can be unpredictable with the weather. Maximize the use of your patio with a covered tent or awning.
Power Walls are a great addition to your outdoor spaces

Power Walls

Power walls are a great addition to your outdoor spaces and provide flexible protection from the weather with a push of a button. When the restaurants open there will be a flood of people wanting to get in. Waiting areas are not typically large enough to provide for social distancing. Expand this space and provide your clients with a comfortable waiting experience in a tented outdoor area.

Hospitals and Medical Centers 

If we have learned anything from the COVID-19 pandemic, managing the flow of patients is key to preventing the spread. First responders working behind their masks need to keep separate, to test and diagnose in seclusion and distance. Tenting and PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) from Rainier helps the staff of a hospital or other medical center by:

  • Offering your clients the ability to offer mobile testing sites with ample height and space.

  • The Endurance Tent offers external testing areas complete with separate patient sections, storage areas and organization rooms.

  • Protective shields help keep a protective barrier between the patient, staff or other patients.

  • Break and lunch table barriers maintain separation in non-public areas.

  • Social distancing markers and signage help keep the flow of patients and testing spaces organized and safe.

  • Strategically placed tents on the course to allow golfers a place to shelter while waiting for the group ahead of them to proceed.

  • Tents can house beverage stations to help enhance the experience and/or increase revenue for the club.
tent sidewalls added to existing structure

Businesses & Offices

Social distancing is the name of the game now. Maybe your client needs some space outside the building for temperature taking - or additional room for curbside services. Maybe long lines are a part of your client's business and now they cannot use their waiting rooms. Tenting and PPE equipment from Rainier can help any business stay safer in this time.

Event Venues

Parties, weddings, galas, corporate events, Mitzvahs…all have one thing in common…numbers of guests! With the restrictions in number of guests and the distancing requirements – those ballrooms that could hold 300 can now only hold 150 or less, depending on the regulations of the locality and state. Help your venue clients keep and expand their offering by using a Rainier Tent to increase the usable venue space.

  • Outside deck or terrace? Cover it with a tent or enclose it with a screen to help maintain distance or create more useable space.

  • Clear top tents can help the guests dance under the stars! Move the dancing outside, creating more room inside to separate the tables.

  • Wedding ceremony areas can be expanded with tenting – keeping the guests protected while keeping the ceremony personal. Valet tenting can help your guests enter the venue in an orderly manner while keeping distant and protected from the elements.

Our team of experienced engineers and shelter sales team is always available to answer any questions you may have. If you have any questions or inquiries, please contact us here