Tech Tip Library

The staff at Rainier Tent has decades of hands-on experience in the industry and offer this expertise to you our valued customer at no additional charge. Our advice is available 24 x 7 and we pride ourselves in furnishing tent rental partners the information they need to overcome both the immediate and the long terms challenges of operating an event tent rental business.
Check out our Tech Tips below and feel free to Contact Us with any questions you may have.

Choosing the Correct Sidewall

Choose tent sidewalls guided by the options available to you.

Anchoring your Tent Safely

Guidelines to follow to stay safe when anchoring your Rainier Tent.

Cleaning Tent Vinyl

These 3 cleaning methods effectively wash most of your tent products.

Clear Tops and Sidewalls for Events

Let the light in for next big event with clear tops and sidewalls.

The Manual Stake Puller

This heavy duty tool offers amazing leverage and minimizes fatigue.

Keeping your
Tent Clean

Keep your tents as clean as the day you bought it with these products.

Tent Gutter System

Channel rain water away from the sides of the tent with metal or fabric gutter systems.

Using your
Stake Puller

Key points all should know to get the most out of your
stake puller.

Canopy Tent Jack

Assembly setup, techniques, and helpful hints when using your tent jack.

Wind Loads on Tents

Gain understanding of the effects of wind on different tent styles.

Prep to stay safe on the job site

Safety should always be top priority for you and your team.

Squaring your Tent

Read how to use the 3-4-5 rule to properly square up your tent during install.

Keder Repair for Slide In Tops

Follow these steps to repair exterior wrapper around the keder rod. 

Put your Canopy Tent Jack to work

Read through for instructions on Tent Jack assembly and optimal handling.

Choose the Right Size Tent Heater

You can control the comfort inside your tent. Here's how.

Applying Vinyl Patchwork to your Tent

Hot weld or glue patchwork to your tent to cover tears, scrapes, or blemishes.