The Most Innovative Tent Accessories 

At Rainier, we find new ways to provide our customers with the most innovative and cutting-edge tent accessories. We offer a complete line of tent tools to complete your tent installation needs. Tent add-ons transform any event from ordinary to spectacular, therefore, creating exciting features.

Rainier has a group of experienced engineers that understand quality systems. Our team has tested various elements to ensure the best solution for tent accessories and would like to share them with all of you! 

What are Fibertec Tent Doors?

Fibertec tent doors create impressive entries to any event
fibertech doors

Fibertec tent doors create an impressive entry to any event. Often times, event venues are searching for high-level tents to provide to their customers. Rainier recognizes the need for climate-controlled structures for year-round events. Tent accessories add distinguished qualities to the environment surrounding each event. 

Rainier's Fibertec tent doors benefit structures that serve as anything from a long-term event space to seasonal accommodation. In addition, Fibertec tent doors come in their own storage create for protection when not in use. Rainier’s Fibertec tent doors install in minutes and function with minimum care.

Features Included in Fibertech Tent Doors:

Fibertec Tent Doors are chip, dent, and rust-resistant and provide lasting durability.
We fabricate Fibertec doors with tempered glass inserts and stainless steel hardware.
We engineer doors for single or double door applications.
Steel frame for strength and durability.
Fibertec doors conform to code standards for tents.
Fibertec Door systems come complete with mounting hardware and installation tools.

What are Lite Duty Tent Doors?

A cost-effective option to tent doors is our Light Duty Door system. Rainier's Light Duty Door package includes reinforced gussets, adjustable closers, base plates, interior push plates, and brackets to fit any tent structure. We manufacture Light Duty Doors with lightweight aluminum, therefore, providing a low-cost and high-quality door system. The doors are easily adjustable and deliver in double or single doors. The structural quality of Rainier Light Duty doors ensures a fast installation process.

lite duty tent door

Features Included in Lite Duty Tent Doors:

Rectangular tube steel frames, reinforced with steel gusset for added strength.
Medium-duty, adjustable closer provides reliability while keeping the weight down.
Vertical uprights come with a choice of brackets to attach to any tent eave.

Rainier Tent Power Walls

Power Walls
Rainier Power Walls

Rainier Power Walls will enhance your tent environment with the touch of a button. Additionally, our Power Walls are designed to filter out the sun’s harmful effects while preserving your outdoor view. Therefore, installing power walls into your structure will allow you to better control your interior lighting. Rainier Power Walls are suitable to fit other frames or tent structures, too!

Rainier Power Walls feature the Side Retention System (SRS), the strongest retention system available. For example, your Rainier SRS Power Wall is extremely durable and can be left down when during windy days. We manufacture our power walls to keep the screen mesh stable, allowing for worry-free use of your screen.

Features Included in Rainier Tent Power Walls:

Rainier Power Walls are structurally wind resistant.
Rainier Power Walls come in 11 standard frame colors.
Like, all of our Rainier tent accessories, Rainier Power Walls are constructed with state of the art technology.
In addition, we offer various fabric selections.

In a word, Rainier tent accessories have been described by our customers as cutting-edge. Furthermore, we use state of the art technology to provide customers with the most sustainable and innovative tent accessories. Our team of experienced engineers are always available to answer any questions you may have. If you have any questions or inquires, please contact us!


At Rainier Tent, we are always finding new ways to provide our customers with the absolute cutting edge of tent technology.

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