Geoflex Stretch Tent

Simplicity, flexibility, and style. The Geoflex Tent, designed by Baytex, offers all three and comes in a variety of sizes, configurations, and styles.

Geoflex Stretch Tent Features

Durable Fabric

The Geoflex Stretch tent is manufactured using high frequency welded seams, providing 100% waterproofing and durability.

Modern Colors

The Geoflex Stretch tent fabric comes in three elegant colors that are maximum UV protected.

Canopy Seams

The Geoflex Stretch tent fabric seams are high frequency welded, making them 100% waterproof and incredibly durable.

Best customer service. Dan D is knowledgeable and professional always.
Great Product, Easy to Install!
They have gone above and beyond in regards to customer service. They also put out a very high quality product.

The Geoflex Stretch Tent 

Designed for simplicity, style, and greater flexibility, the Geoflex tent is compatible with multiple configurations. Install on a sloped area, stretch over gardens, attach to buildings, or join around corners. The Geoflex Stretch tent provides endless opportunities and impressive, modern designs. Additional Geoflex tents are easily linked together to create a larger covered area.

Geoflex Stretch tent canopy seams
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