Tent Repair Tools 

Rainier Tent offers repair products and kits for keder systems, vinyl, liners, and sidewalls. Our versatile tent repair products will enable you to heat seal, weld, fuse, adhere, patch, and more!

Tent Repair Tools
Keder Repair Tools

Keder Repair

The fabric keder wrap is available in Panama Weave White/Black 140mm. Keder repair has a larger weld which accommodates the damaged fabric that has been removed for repair.

Vinyl Repair Kit

Vinyl Repair

The Hot Air Welding Kit is available for vinyl patching. This kit is available for pick-up at our Tukwilla, WA. warehouse.

Liner Repair

Liner Repair

Stainless steel "S" Hooks are versatile and lighter weight than most tie-down hooks.

Sidewall Repair Kit

Sidewall Repair

The Stay-Put Roller Wheel with SS screw is a tool widely used to replace sidewall panels.

Rainier Tent Fabric Repair

In this video, our team demonstrates the proper way to patch tent fabric. Vinyl tents can be patched from either side but are most often patched on the top surface. If the damage is extensive, you may want to patch the fabric on both sides, creating a “sandwich” effect around the damaged area. 

Fabric Repair: Tech Tips

We bring expertise to the industry that develops between the customer and manufacturer. We pride ourselves on providing customers with the information they need to overcome the immediate and long-term challenges of operating an event tent rental business.

Tent Cleaning Techniques

Removing Stains on Tents

Cleaning Tent Vinyl


At Rainier Tent, we are always finding new ways to provide our customers with the absolute cutting edge of tent technology.

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