T-Rex Installation Tool

Invest in the dynamic tool system that eliminates the need for canopy jacks and increases labor savings for your company.

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We've partnered with Down East Rentals to bring you the T-Rex tent installation tool. The T-Rex is arguably the most innovative tent assembly tool on the market today. The crew at Down East Rentals designed this product with durable materials like a strong 1/2" synthetic rope, a 10,000-pound capacity winch, and a 13.5' tall mast. Upgrade your T-Rex from the standard 13.5' tall mast to a telescoping mast!

T-Rex Installation Tool
T-Rex Installation Tool



The T-Rex features a trickle charger for stability in keeping the battery charged. 

Secure Mobility 

A telescoping boom aids in movement and storage. 

Stability During Installation

Prevents movement during the installation process.

Ease of Use

The step plate assists in tilting the T-Rex back for smooth movement around the job site.

Eliminate Equipment

Eliminate canopy jacks and automate the process with the 10,000 lb capacity winch.

Save Money

Save on every frame tent installation from here on out.

Reduce Labor Costs

Maximize efficiency for every frame tent install.


At Rainier Tent, we are always finding new ways to provide our customers with the absolute cutting edge of tent technology.

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