Force Stake Puller

The gas-powered Force Stake Puller is designed by industry experts to increase efficiency and save you time and money. This unique piece of equipment will reduce labor time and effort by 70–80% and remove resilient tent stakes.

Only have one person available to operate the stake puller? Not a problem. The Force Stake Puller is easy to use due to its 14" never-flat tires. The frame is constructed with high-quality, heavy-duty square steel tubing and is powder-coated for durability and long life.

force stake puller

Why the Force Stake Puller?

The powerful pump provides 3000 psi to the 2-1/2" hydraulic bore cylinder, producing a pulling force of over 10,000 lbs. The stake puller force can even remove stakes from asphalt without buckling the surface.

Force Hydraulic Stake Puller

Force Hydraulic Stake Puller Features

Remove Tent Stakes with Ease

Honda Power, 160cc engine

Two-stage Hydraulic Pump

Detent Valve

16" Stoke

Hardened Pulling Yoke

14" Never-Flat Tires

manual stake puller

Manual Stake Puller Features

Standard or Extendable Handle

Small mouth for stakes less than 1" in diameter

Standard mouth for 1" diameter stakes (industry standard)

Large mouth for 1-1/8" and 1-1/4" diameter stakes

Tech Tip: Stake Puller

Rainier Tent stake puller is a heavy-duty tool featuring a broad, rounded pivot base that does less damage to the ground and pulls stakes more efficiently than other manual stake pullers. Check out Rainier Tent Tech Tips to learn more about proper use. 


At Rainier Tent, we are always finding new ways to provide our customers with the absolute cutting edge of tent technology.

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