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Hard Row to Hoe Vineyards is located on the north shore of Lake Chelan in Washington's North Cascades. Judy and Don Phelps opened the doors to their vibrant tasting room in 2006. They were the ninth winery to open in the area. The couple started their first production in 2005, manufacturing just 500 cases. Since their official opening in 2006, they've grown up to 4,000 cases per year.

Hard Row to Hoe Vineyards quickly established their name, on January 31, 2019, as one of the 50 top favorite wineries in Washington. This admirable winery also received an award from Food & Wine Magazine for creating one of the top nine Great Cab Francs. The "Burning Desire" Cabernet Franc is described by Food & Wine Magazine as, "A nose reminiscent of Andes Mints in the best possible sense is complicated by ancillary notes of blackberries, black licorice, star anise, incense, and black peppercorn. It’s all concentrated and rich once you take a sip, with a charred tarragon and shiso edge to the blackberries, black cherries, licorice, and Aleppo pepper." Judy Phelps noted, their Cabernet Franc is their "flagship wine". A wine that many travel miles to sip while relishing in the picturesque scenery surrounding Hard Row to Hoe Vineyards.

Opening the Doors after COVID Struck

Judy and Don anticipated making a few changes to their normal ways of operation once COVID-19 phases struck. Once they received notice to re-open in phase 1.5, the couple contacted Rainier Tent to shop for a structure that would help them stay in business. The couple felt the urgency to put something in place because they knew they could only serve their customers outdoors.

Geoflex Stretch Tent

"We couldn't have stayed in business without the structure being up." -Judy

Judy and Don were seeking an abstract structure to fit the individualistic atmosphere of their winery. They contacted our team to help bring customers back to their vineyard and to continue telling their miraculous story. Rainier Tent had recommendations for a fairly new tent structure called The GeoFlex Stretch Tent. The GeoFlex tent is different from the standard tent because it has a 15% stretch in the fabric. The tent itself is an extremely versatile structure that can be made custom to most areas. After our team was contacted, it took about two to three weeks to deliver and set-up the structure. Judy said, "we couldn't have stayed in business without having the structure up." The newfound structure nestled between their tasting room and blissful vineyard has been a great success. A major benefit to this tent is that it does not feel like guests are enclosed in a space, thus maintaining the view and experience for guests. Judy mentioned, "it's not so voluminous that it feels like you're in a different place." A feature that she greatly appreciates.

Geoflex Stretch tent canopy seams

Judy and Don's Experience Working with Rainier Tent

Our team was humbled to listen to Hard Row to Hoe Vineyards experience working with Rainier Tent. Judy expressed her appreciation for our team's attention to the urgency and the ability to deliver results quickly. We had the opportunity to see people interact and enjoy their time under the tent. And, noticed the tent seamlessly fits the color scheme and layout of their property. Judy kindly mentioned that "people comment on it all of the time", letting the owners know that it is a great structure for their business.

How Hard Row to Hoe Vineyards will Adapt to the Future

Judy and Don plan to incorporate a longstanding structure on their lawn that will service their vineyard through the colder seasons. Rainier Tent can create custom sidewalls and legs to further accommodate the structure during cold weather. Judy mentioned, her goal is to eventually add wall sidings and propane heaters to complete the structure. This tent will provide cozy comfort during those cold winter days, without taking away from the scenery of this vineyard.

Geoflex Stretch tent offers modern colors

How Can Rainier Tent Impact Your Business?

Our tents maximize restaurant space, thus offering guests the comfort of socially distanced waiting areas and dining spaces. Rainier Industries has over 120 years of experience working with companies like Hard Row to Hoe Vineyards. We look forward to continuing our journey towards improving the lives and lifestyles of those around us.

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