Light Duty Tent Doors

Light Duty Tent Doors are a solid, value engineered solution for your event or party tent. They are lightweight, adjustable and easy to install. Light Duty Doors are also fire code compliant and made to fit any eave tube.

Light Duty Doors are easy to install and available in a variety of configurations.

The Light Duty door kit includes an adjustable closer, base plates, interior push plates, and brackets to fit any eave tube. The Fire Certified Fabric Door Panel is B/O white PVC bottom and a clear upper (attached with ‘stitch track’) system for a durable, clear, and replaceable vinyl panel. Light Duty Doors offer quick, one-person installation and come in double or single door configurations. The Light Duty doors system complies with fire codes and features white, powder coated steel tubes.

Tent Accessability

Lite Duty tent doors create easy access to outdoor dining tents.

Configurable to Tent Sizes

Lite Duty tent doors are easy to install and available in a variety of configurations.

Light Duty Door Features

Powder-coated rectangular tube steel frames, reinforced with steel gusset for added strength.

Lightweight aluminum doors with drop-in pin hinges for easy, one-person installation.

Vertical uprights come with choice brackets to attach to any tent eave.

Changing a double door to a single door is accomplished by changing one part.

Base plates feature multiple attachment options. 

6' 0" x 6'x8" double door opening complies with fire codes. 

Fast and easy assembly can be achieved in just a few minutes.

Fabric panels can be replaced at your local awning shop.

lite duty doors

Light Duty Door System

Light Duty Tent Doors - An impressive entry to any tent, making the tent environment more inviting, functional and climate controlled for events year round.


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