Custom-Tailored Hospitality Tents for Maximum Flexibility

Are you searching for a flexible structure to optimize your business and protect your staff during the process? The team at Rainier Tent will walk you through the best structural solution for your specific needs. Our Cascade Full Strength Tent is the most durable keder frame on the market, ideal for high-wind or semi-permanent installations where endurance is critical. The common tube lengths in a Cascade Full Strength Tent are versatile in tent sizes, configurations, and angles. This process will simplify your parts management and minimize your investment as your project needs evolve.

Contact us to find the ideal solution for your structural requirements. Our team of engineers, graphic designers, sales associates, and installers will build your temporary or semi-permanent structure to meet your needs.

Outdoor School Cafeteria


At Rainier Tent, we are always finding new ways to provide our customers with the absolute cutting edge of tent technology.

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