Virginia Arts Festival - Entrada Tent

Tents LLC. approached our team at Rainier Tent with a bold and creative idea for the Pat “Bunny” Perry Pavilion, at the Virginia Arts Festival, a staple for the annual festival. Our graphic design team collaborated with the customer to design an abstract and inventive pattern that’s eye-catching from all angles of the tent. The team began with three variations, stimulated by Pat Perry’s well-known Czech Republic style of glass molding artwork. Inspired by Pat Perry’s most prominent piece of artwork, the 6-foot-tall glass bunny, you’ll find a subtle outline of a bunny towards the entrance of the tent.

front graphic view of the Entrada Tent
top graphic view of the Entrada Tent

Graphic Design and Fabrication

While our graphic design team was in the development stages, our engineering team designed the tent top to fit the custom framework from the leading supplier for the 62-feet-tall Cirque Du Soleil tents. The framework for this structure was purchased from this tent manufacturing company. Rainier Tent produced the artwork, engineering, and fabrication for over 100-feet of coated vinyl to complete the existing engineering drawings. The fabrication process contained vinyl printing on our Durst Grand Format Printers, fabric cutting on the Plotter-Cutting machine, and fabric sealing with the Radio Frequency Welding machine.

grand format printers printing tent vinyl
sewing team in fabric department
radio-frequency welders
cnc routing vinyl fabric
radio-frequency welding
radio-frequency welding

The Final Install - Ready for the 2022 Virginia Arts Festival

This magnificent structure serves as a tribute to Pat Perry’s successful career in glass molding and a preeminent addition to the Virginia Arts Festival. When it comes to custom event tents, our fabrication capabilities extend beyond our state-of-the-art technology in the 144,000 sq. ft. Tukwila, WA. facility. The team at Rainier Tent has years of experience, applying their talents in artistry and craftsmanship to every opportunity presented. We consider it an honor to help event venues and organizations showcase their unique celebrations through custom products. In addition, we are extremely proud to partner with Tents LLC. as they went above and beyond in coordinating all aspects of this project. 

final install of entrada tent
front view of entrada tent
side view of entrada tent

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