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Rainier Tent fabricates tents in any size and shape, and for any application. We design, engineer, and manufacture structures for customers in a wide range of industries and for a variety of uses.

Full Strength Tent

Cascade Full Strength Tent

Lite Track Tent

Alpine Lite Track Tent

West Coast Style Tent

Summit West Coast Style Tent

High Peak Tent

High Peak Tent

Emergency Relief Tents

Emergency Relief Tents

Geoflex Stretch Tent

Geoflex Stretch Tent

Rainier Tent Features

From intimate party tents to expansive event tents, Rainier Tent manufactures the highest quality tents in the industry.

Kedered Sidewalls

Customer Service

We are fully committed to meeting your needs. No one in the industry can match the technical expertise and support that we provide.

24/7 Support for Difficult Installations

Current Engineering Code Compliance

Configurable Load Lists and Diagrams

Power Walls

Advanced Tent Tech

At Rainier, we're always finding new ways to provide our customers with the absolute cutting-edge of tent tech.

Tents Feature Slide-In Vinyl Panels

Eliminate Labor Costs on Lace-Up Tops

Slide-In Technology Reduces Wear and Tear

Baytex tent liners

Quality Assurance

In addition to our full range of tenting products, our team can install and take down turn-key tents with all the accessories and features your structure requires.

Superior Fabrics

Heavy Duty Reinforcements

Long Lasting Tops

Tent Product Gallery

Monoslope Tent High Peak Tent
Full Strength Tent Outdoor Dining Geoflex Tent
Full Strength Tent Outdoor School Cafeteria

Client Testimonial 

Jonathan, Pastor at CenterPoint Church

"We are grateful to Rainier Tent. Their quality is second to none and their service is incredible. They're friendly and fun to be around. We would recommend them to anyone. We love the tent and are happy to have it."

Semi-Permanent and Long-Term Tent Solutions

Commercial Spaces

We work with large industries to fabricate custom-covered spaces for industrial environments and construction sites. 

Event Venues and Rental Partners

We design, engineer, and fabricate structures for clients in a wide range of industries including event venues and rental companies.

Hospitality Industry

We work with the hospitality industry to fabricate covered spaces that build on their dining experience.


At Rainier Tent, we are always finding new ways to provide our customers with the absolute cutting edge of tent technology.

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